How to Tell If a Pokemon is Hacked

One way to tell if a Pokemon is hacked is if its PP is too high. If the Pokemon has a high PP but is lower than 600, it’s likely that it’s been hacked. This is because average people don’t trade for rare or competitive battle-ready Pokemon. It is therefore best to assume that the trade has been hacked.

Another way to tell if a pokemon is being hacked is if it is in an illegal pokeball. Normal pokeballs contain starter Pokemon. Any Pokemon that comes in an illegal ball will look like a hack when bred. Players won’t trade a valuable pokemon for nothing, so it’s important to be aware of unexpected items you receive. If the Pokemon has been hacked, it’s best to keep it on your PC as well.

Another sign of a hacked Pokemon is if it’s not in the game. Although some pokemon have been released in different games, there are unreleased ones that can only be obtained by hacking. However, hackers often make it look as authentic as possible, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Listed below are some of the more common ways to tell if a Pokemon is hacked.

First, you should check if the Pokémon has a specific level. If the level of a pokemon is too high, it’s probably hacked. A shiny Pokemon can have a 6 IV, while a mythical or legendary one can have the best stats. A hacked pokemon is impossible to use in battles or traded with strangers. If a pokemon’s EVs are too high, it’s probably a hacked one.

A Pokemon Blacklist thread is another way to identify a hacked Pokemon. This thread contains a list of commonly hacked Pokemon, as well as a list of those that aren’t. It’s best to remove Pokemon you know are hacked, or risk getting banned from the game. Despite the recent outbreak of hacked Pokemon, Nintendo has yet to release a patch.

Another way to spot a hacked Pokemon is to check its nature. Shiny Pokemon are the most common type of hacked pokemon. Unlike real-life shiny Pokemon, shinies that have been Powersaved can’t be distinguished from those obtained legitimately. Powersaves have also improved their methods of shinification. Therefore, it’s important to check the encounter techniques of your species before purchasing a Pokemon.

You’ll also want to check your ID. If your Pokemon has a rare, mythical, or legendary IV, this may be a hacked one. If the ID is an odd number, then the Pokemon is likely a hacked one. If you’re not sure, check your ID. A hacked ID will be an OT, meaning it was generated by a different trainer.

If a Pokemon’s ability is altered, it can cause your game to crash or not work properly. The game will also not allow you to trade with that Pokemon. Similarly, if it’s hacked, the user’s account will be banned from using the game’s online features. These hacked Pokemon will block you from online interactions until a patch is released.

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