Important Tips to boost NEET Score

Why NEET practicing is more important than reading a chapter or revising a chapter.

Even though you are reading a chapter multiple times and not practicing it regularly will not help you to score good marks in NEET.

As the NEET i.e., National Eligibility cum entrance test 2022 is near, the students should gear up with the preparation strategy to face one of India’s Biggest exams. There should be a habit of practicing a question.

Students going for NEET 2022 or NEET 2023 consider one thing that practicing is infinitely more important than reading, that doesn’t mean you should stop studying and start practicing maybe that will also help you better instead of just reading a chapter with an unstable mind. Because while practicing your mind will recall things more clearly.

Practicing will ace the exams. Practicing well for any exam will give you confidence. Candidates should try to schedule their practice sessions, solving the previous year’s question paper is one of the best ways to test your mindset, as well as it adds value to your preparation.

While giving any mock test whether at home or in a coaching institute it creates 2 situations the first one is when the candidate scores mark beyond expectations, then candidates become over-confident, and in other situations, if the marks are not as expected then many of them face depression. These things are very natural candidates should accept such things and should work on them.

Basically, comparing to both the situations, if the score is less then it keeps on decreasing but no that’s not a good sign, candidates should work on their weaker sections and bounce back to their next exam and score good marks which will help to increase their confidence level.


Many times it happens that candidates use guesswork and afterward forget to crosscheck the answer. so, in such a situation, I have a solution that while practicing or giving any mock test you must carry 2 colour pens 1 pen for normal answer writing and the other one for those questions in which you are using guesswork, trust me it will help you to work on the weaker question.

The practice test is generally given because to test yourself whether the candidate is studying well or not. Given the appropriate time to analysed the test, at that moment only you can clear your doubts. IF the candidate really wants to improve the marks in every test, then solve their doubts in notes themselves which will help you to memorize while revising for the next test, these will help you in the final NEET exam because already you have practiced on your mistakes.

The popular phrase of Learn from your mistakes will help the candidate score well in the NEET final exam and admission to your dream college.

Mock test:

Have Patience, Practice well, and give mock tests regularly. If the results are not satisfying which means the candidate has not completed the syllabus, analysed the question and completed the syllabus before any mock test.

It will take time to increase your score but in the broader picture you are opting for many mock tests then you will realize that the marks are really increasing. Mock test effects are always ups and downs. Always for better.

In the NEET exam, the only thing that matters is speed accuracy and memory just focusing on the subjects and finally, the goals are achieved. Many NEET coaching Institutes provides the best Mock test formulated by experts and according to them, the candidate should start solving mock tests when they complete at least 50% of the syllabus.

Study Planner:

There is no such thing as important chapters or XYZ topic is more important. So, the primary aim should be to revise from a to z. Proper and adequate time should be given to all the subjects.

Physics is considered to be the most important topic which is avoided by many students. However, with proper practice and clear concepts, this subject can be successful. The pros of starting preparation earlier are that the candidate gets enough time to practice, enough time for the mock test, enough time to complete the syllabus, enough time to solve the previous year’s question papers.

At least 7 to 8 hours of study per day will help you to crack NEET Exam. Before sleeping makes a to-do list of the next day and mention all topics that should be covered the next day. Also, check today’s to-do list that if you have completed your today’s target or not. The Preparation for NEET should be started in the 11th class. In the beginning, it will take time to fit in the schedule but after a few weeks, you will get used to it.


Ample amount of revision is necessary for NEET. At the end of the day, the candidate should revise all the topics which he studied for his whole day. The two aspects of a proper revision are revising theory and solving previous year’s questions. Find your weaker section and work on that.

Revising the formulas Twice a day will help you to score well in the NEET exam. The more revision you will do it will develop your confidence. The frequency level is also dependent upon capability, consistency, hard work, and discipline.

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Make your own Notes:

By making your own personalized notes of each subject, study becomes easier. It is always helpful in memorizing the concepts and focusing on important topics. Jotting down the important points becomes extremely handy during last-minute studies.

Never start making notes when you begin with a chapter. Notes are made when you revise the concept. Always try to have your own shortcuts and search topics from different sources, so that it will help you to memorize them clearly.

Happy learning

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