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Engagement rings are so important, more than just a way to say “I love you.” A beautiful diamond is the ultimate symbol of your love and promise and a new carat size or even the cut of a gemstone can make a difference. That’s why it makes sense to choose an engagement ring that’s built for your partner’s hand, not just your budget. 3 carat engagement ring is ideal for a long-term commitment and includes inspiration from an array of legendary metals and stones. There’s a 3 carat white diamond engagement ring for every style of woman, from the classic princess cut to the versatile cushion cut.

What are lab grown diamonds

The next big thing for modern engagement rings is lab grown diamonds. These are identical to the diamonds you’ve come to know and love, but made in a lab instead of mined from the ground. A lab diamond has many qualities that can’t be found in nature, including an exact color and clarity of each stone. The only difference is they are cut into a fancy shape at the jeweler’s bench instead of mined out of the earth. It’s incredibly hard to make one of these diamonds, and what makes them so special is that you can use the same technology to create a ring that’s made from mined diamonds.

The benefits of lab grown diamonds

  1. Cheap
    The only people who can afford mined diamonds are the extremely wealthy and that makes them difficult for most people to own a diamond that’s worth having. Lab diamonds are just as hard as any diamond from the earth, but they cost a fraction of what’s required to mine one out of the ground. The cost savings come from the fact that all of the techniques used to make lab diamonds, which take place in nuclear reactors, are already in place.

2. No Injuries

The process of mining diamonds out of the ground can be extremely dangerous and even deadly with serious accidents happening all over the world every day. Lab diamonds don’t need to be mined and that means you get a much greater guarantee with lab diamonds than you do with the ones mined from the earth. The fact that all of the materials needed to make a lab diamond are already located in the same place means there’s no cost in transporting them to where they can be processed, which is also another cost saver.

3. Better for Nature

If you’ve ever seen pictures from an area where diamonds are mined, then you know how devastating it can be for nature and animals that live in those areas. Lab diamonds aren’t mined; instead, they’re grown in just about any shape, color or size that a woman wants. That means you can have a ring that’s both unique and eco-friendly, cost wise and in terms of the environment.

4. Fewer chances for theft

When you have a ring made around an actual diamond, the likelihood of someone stealing it is much greater than when the diamond is created artificially in a lab. The fact that lab diamonds are accurately cut to make precision stones means there’s never a chance that someone will be able to make off with one of these rings unless they’re extremely skilled at cutting diamonds out of rocks and other materials.

5. Longer lasting

Labgrown diamonds don’t need any extra care or maintenance, so they last longer than mined stones do. While you can’t tell it by looking at the ring, lab diamonds can last for thousands of years, compared with a few years for mined diamonds. That’s because they are made from different materials than mined diamonds and have different characteristics that help them to maintain their beauty over the years.

6. Cleaner

What’s great about lab grown diamonds is that there’s no risk of contamination from the environment like you would have if you were getting a diamond from the ground. They’re not affected by moisture or dust, so there’s no chance of getting dirt or bacteria under the surface where it can get embedded in the stone and cause damage over time.

How to find good lab created diamond deals from

  1. Discover your budget
    Take a careful look at how much you can afford to spend on a diamond and be realistic about it. It’s a good idea to shop for engagement rings using the same method that you would use if you were saving for other items, like a boat or car. Take your time to find the ring that has the biggest impact on your partner and their hand instead of buying something right away just because it’s what you can afford.

2. Determine your style

There are different styles of engagement rings out there and they aren’t all created equal in terms of what they mean to someone who is getting them as a part of their wedding band. They may all be a 3 carat diamond but the way they’re cut and their overall style might make them feel very different. Be sure to think about how a 3 carat engagement ring will fit on your partner’s wrist before you shop for one, so you can get the look that you want rather than having to settle for something that doesn’t look as good on them.

3. Shop at an authorized retailer

You should never buy diamonds from an unofficial dealer or auction site, even if you do find a good deal it isn’t legal to resell what you buy there. Instead, shop at an authorized dealer and have it examined by a reputable gemologist before making your purchase. The diamond may be cheap but the peace of mind that comes with having it inspected for forgery is well worth what you pay for it.

4. Stay with a reputable seller

Lab grown diamonds have become increasingly popular, even with people who don’t know what they’re all about. The problem is that people are finding scam artists who claim to sell lab diamonds that are actually just synthetic rocks or natural diamonds. Do your homework and make sure the company you buy a ring from is reputable and has been in business long enough to have a solid track record of quality products and service.

In conclusion, lab grown diamonds have a lot of advantages when it comes to bypassing the limitations that mined diamonds have. They’re made on an industrial level with guaranteed precision so they’ll last a lifetime. They can be created in any shape, color or size that the buyer wants and they don’t need special care or maintenance so you don’t need to do anything to keep them looking nice and clean.

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