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LG Dryer Error Codes and Possible Solutions

lg dryer error codes and possible solutions 8419
lg dryer error codes and possible solutions 8419

When your LG dryer is not working, it displays various error codes. To identify these codes, first read the description below. Then, contact a qualified LG technician for further assistance. The following are examples of error codes and their possible solutions. You may also see these codes on your appliance. Listed below are some possible solutions for LG dryer problems. You can also visit PartsDirect to order replacement parts. You can also search for a specific error code by type to find the solution to your problem.

The D95 error code indicates a problem with the heating element. A blown heater relay or a thermal fuse can cause this error. A malfunctioning heating element will prevent your LG dryer from starting. To troubleshoot this issue, try holding down the Start button for 5 seconds, then unplug it for about 30 minutes. If this still does not fix the problem, you may need to replace the part. Then, try using the dryer again.

If you see D90 on your LG dryer display, you’re likely experiencing an airflow obstruction. The airflow system attached to the LG dryer is not allowing enough air to exit the appliance. You should clean the exhaust fan and lint filter to prevent further damage. If this is still not the problem, you may need to clean the exhaust vent as well. If you can’t reach this, you can also disconnect the exhaust fan.

dE1 indicates that the door is left open during operation. Close the door properly. TE1 is an error related to the thermistor. The thermistor provides temperature information to the circuit board. If this code is displayed on your dryer, turn on the supply valve and check for a gas link. If the thermistor is okay, the LG dryer is working properly. If not, contact LG customer service to find a replacement.

In some cases, the lint trap in the LG dryer can be clogged and restrict airflow. This is the most common cause of an increased drying time. A clogged lint trap can also cause the dryer to malfunction by preventing proper airflow. To resolve this, disconnect the exhaust vent hose from the dryer and add wet clothes to the machine. Begin the drying cycle and check whether the clothes dried within the normal timeframe. If they did, the problem may be a bad thermal fuse or heating element.

Another reason why your LG dryer is displaying this error is due to low voltage. This is caused by a number of different reasons. Your load weight and size may affect the amount of suds you have in the washer. Another common cause is an overloaded drum. Make sure the drum is not overloaded or that the water level controller is plugged in properly. Resetting the circuit breaker may solve this problem. If it still continues to display the error code, contact LG customer support.

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