New Jersey Car Shipping: Understanding the Process

New Jersey is a metropolitan city with a well-developed transportation system. This makes it one of the major locations for shipping cars. Whether shipping a car into or out of this city, you have to follow a process that requires a well-developed plan and execution.

Understanding and following the right steps will ensure a smooth venture. This is why we’ve crafted this article just for you. Whatever your reason for shipping a car in or out of New Jersey, you will have to perform the following:

Choose a Shipping Method

There are several methods for shipping vehicles. Some of them include open transport carriers, enclosed transport carriers, door-to-door shipping, tow dollies, and others. You will have to decide on one of the methods. You need to understand the different shipping methods and their features.

In addition, you have to consider the distance, your budget, and the degree of protection the vehicle will need during transit. Understanding your needs will help you make the right choice. If you are still not sure of the right shipping method for your vehicle, you can consult the auto transport company you hire. They’ll suggest a method that best suits you.

Find Trustworthy Auto Transport Companies

You cannot just choose any auto transport company. Take your time before selecting a company to move your car. Therefore, research different reputable auto transport companies.

We highly recommend that you visit their websites. It’s also important to read their customers’ reviews. Doing this will provide you with insights into how they perform and what you can expect.

Furthermore, you have to check their insurance and license if it is updated. You need to ensure that the car transport service in New Jersey possesses all the needed permits to operate in New Jersey and also your destination. This will help you avoid several legal issues

Compare Quotes and Details

After checking out different reputable auto transport companies, you have to gather quotes and shipping details from them. What this means is that you still have to select the best option from the different companies. To get quotes from them, you’ll have to provide them with details of your car.

You’ll also need to tell them when and how you want it to be shipped. These details will be used by the company to provide their cost. This is the reason shipping services don’t have standard prices. Rather, the price is based on the customer’s needs and factors such as:

1.       Pickup/drop-off location

2.       Vehicle make/model

3.       Desired shipping date

4.       The vehicle’s functioning state (if it runs or not)

5.       Shipping method

You can get quotes instantly on some shipper’s websites. However, in some cases, you might need to submit your contact online. Then their representative will email or call you. Make sure that the companies you receive quotes from are legitimate.

Choose Your Auto Transport Company

With the quotes that you got from the companies, make a comparison. The best company is one that suits your budget and needs. You have to specify your pick-up and drop-off location.

Once you’ve done the above, confirm that you understand the terms and conditions. Regarding payment which comes next, you might need to make partial or full payment to book the shipping service. This depends on the company’s policy.

Prepare and Submit the Necessary Documents

To ship a vehicle in or out of New Jersey, you need different documents. Some of these documents include:

1.        Vehicle Title

2.       Vehicle Registration

3.       Valid Identification

4.       Proof of insurance

5.       Purchase Agreement

The document you need to submit depends on the type of shipment you are doing and the company. The company will also require you to fill in their documents such as inspection reports, and agreements.

Prepare the Vehicle

Before dropping off the vehicle you need to thoroughly clean its interior and exterior. You can do that at a car wash or do the cleaning yourself. You can visit here to learn how to clean the interior and exterior of a car. Also, you’d have to remove your properties from the car

Furthermore, it will do you good to take pictures of it. This will help with records of its condition before movement. It is advised that you keep a quarter tank of gas in the vehicle.

You also need to disable all the vehicle’s alarm systems. This will help avoid the potential of it going off while in transit. You wouldn’t want a situation where there is a delay in delivery because the police stopped the movement on the suspicion of theft.

Pick Up Day

On the agreed pickup date, your vehicle will be ready for transport. So, depending on the shipping method you choose, you might have to go drop off the car or wait for the driver to come get it. When the vehicle gets to the pickup location, it will be packed into the transporting vehicle.

At this point, you and the driver will inspect the car to know its current situation. Also, it will be documented to ensure that there is no disagreement concerning its state before transport. Once you’ve confirmed this, the movement will commence.

Tracking on Transit

While the vehicle is in transit you need to track it. Some companies offer tracking services for their customers, Meanwhile, others might give you updates during transit through text messages. You can check here to find out the importance of customer service in shipping. Regardless of the method of communication, you will not be left in the dark during transit.


Shipping cars in New Jersey require you to focus on details and adhere to regulations. The whole process from choosing the auto transport company to preparing the vehicle and the necessary documents demands meticulousness. Effectively executing all the steps discussed in this article will ensure a smooth process. 

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