Pokemon GO 637 – The Best Pokemon to Catch in Pokemon GO

There is a huge influx of new Pokémon to catch in Pokemon Go! It is possible to obtain a whole new set of Pokemon if you have just reached level five. New challenges and Pokemon are being added all the time. The new content is an exciting way to enjoy the game, no matter where you’re at in your career. We’ve got the lowdown on some of the best Pokemon to catch! Listed below are a few of our favorite ones!

Volcarona is a fifth generation Pokemon and the number 637 in the national Pokedex. It has 6 moves – 2 fast and four charged – and two types – fire and bug. It’s susceptible to rockflyingwater and grassfightingfairy, but is resistant to most types. In Pokemon GO, you can also find Volcarona in Shiny form. Luckily, Volcarona doesn’t evolve, so you can get the best Volcarona for your team!

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