Ted Bundy’s Son

Ted Bundy is a notorious American serial killer. His son, James, was born on November 2, 1980. He was the son of Ted and Caroline Bundy. Although Ted Bundy had no idea about his children, he proposed twice to Caroline while in prison. In fact, Ted and Caroline were separated legally before Ted was executed. Currently, James Bundy lives in Texas and is married to Rose.

The infamous killer was convicted of the gruesome murders of three people in Oklahoma. His wife, Carole Bundy, had been divorced from Ted three years before his execution. She and the children moved to Florida, where they lived a low-key life. They continued to maintain a low profile because of their father’s history. Rose Bundy had been denied conjugal visits in prison. She and her son had met when Ted was serving his death sentence in Florida.

His son had few friends, but Louise was his favorite aunt. She volunteered with Ted at a suicide hotline. While volunteering, she said a few things about the Bundy family. She claimed that her daughter was intelligent and kind. But she did not elaborate on the details. She did, however, tell reporters that she had met Johnnie Bundy, an Army hospital cook. After learning about her daughter’s past, Ann decided to interview the family.

Ted Bundy’s son, James, is a prolific writer who gained fame in the last few years. He was the only son of Ted Bundy, who was notorious for his horrific crimes. He is married and has two kids. James Bundy is a fan of football and the Harry Potter series. The documentary “The Only Girl” is an important document about Ted Bundy’s family life.

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