The Google Imprint and Fingerprint Recognition

If you’re a business owner who’s adamant that your online advertisements are being seen by as many people as possible, you’ve likely heard of Google’s imprint. The company’s ad placement system has come under fire recently from EU regulators, who have ordered the company to change how it places its ads. The EU recently fined Google a record $2.89 billion over a scandal involving the company’s practice of displaying its shopping ads ahead of rivals. But Google is making changes to level the playing field with its own ad placement.

Fingerprint recognition was introduced with Apple Pay in 2014. Since then, other Android manufacturers followed suit. Many flagship Android phones today feature fingerprint recognition. Google’s Pixel line has adopted this technology, which is a successor to the Nexus Imprint technology. The fingerprint sensor is on the back of the device, allowing users to quickly unlock their device and access notifications. In this way, fingerprint authentication is made even more secure and convenient than it was before.

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