Top 5 AI-Based Paraphrasing Tools for Business Writing

Looking for some great tools to help you rewrite your business-related articles? Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to share with you some of the best AI-based paraphrasing tools that can help you rewrite marketing, SEO, and other web articles with high accuracy and zero plagiarism.

Paraphrasing tools are quite effective since they allow you to create highly creative and engaging content with minimum errors. These tools are a great way to learn new writing styles and to enhance your vocabulary.

Here are some of the best paraphrasing tools that you need to check out

Top 5 AI-Based Paraphrasing Tools


This is a great tool that helps you rewrite content with 1000 words at the same time. It includes a grammar and plagiarism checker as well. You get to see the real and paraphrased version of the content side-by-side which helps with making a comparison.

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You can use this tool to summarize long articles so that they become easy to understand and digest. The tool contains very few ads and there is no need to sign up to start paraphrasing which also saves time.

You can use this tool to develop your skills as a writer and to learn new and creative ways to express yourself. This tool identifies unnecessary words and phrases and removes these to make the material more concise, informative, and relevant.     

Main Features

  • Allows you to adjust the tone of the text
  • Allows unlimited paraphrasing for free
  • Finds and removes grammatical errors
  • Produces near-human level output
  • Allows you to copy the paraphrased content with just one click       

This great paraphraser shows the exact word count of the text that you paste into the tool. The tool processes your content with 100% accuracy, and it deletes the content automatically once you are done paraphrasing.

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This tool is highly effective when it comes down to paraphrasing while keeping the original meaning of the text intact. This tool can be used to paraphrase the content with high readability.

It detects repetitive words and phrases and then replaces these with suitable synonyms. This tool supports English, Turkish, French, German, and other major languages which makes it highly effective for translation purposes as well.            

Main Features

  • This paraphraser works on both iOS and Android devices
  • Offers several synonyms for each word
  • Changes the sentence structure while keeping the original meaning
  • Offers 99.99% accuracy
  • Can be used to remove duplicate words and phrases   

This amazing tool can paraphrase about 5000 characters in one go which is insane. The platform offers the best user experience, and the paraphrased output is always highly unique and accurate for any type of content.

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You can copy or save the paraphrased content from this tool with ease. This tool analyzes your content for plagiarism, grammar, and spelling mistakes to make sure the final output is accurate in every way.

So, once you find plagiarism in your content using a plagiarism checker, you can get rid of that using the Plagiarism Fixer tool.

This simple tool assists you in creating content that contains less complicated terms and has a very high overall readability. Most SEO writers prefer this tool since it eliminates plagiarism up to 90% which helps with the ranking of their sites.        

Main Features

  • Offers foolproof security of your copied content
  • Detects and erases plagiarism
  • Can work with large articles with several hundred words
  • Creates content with near-human level readability and accuracy
  • Can be used for academic, SEO, and business articles    

This tool is ideal for people who work with long articles containing a lot of words and sentences. This free tool can be used to paraphrase about 1500 words at a time. You get to see the exact number of characters in the text as well which helps in making proper modifications.

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This tool allows you to see the keyword density as well which improves the SEO process significantly. You can add or remove custom synonyms with this tool. This helps in making the content less wordy and complex. 

This amazing tool gives you the freedom to choose the level of paraphrasing that you want in your content. The tool has been optimized for both cell phones as well as laptops and other PCs which makes it highly accessible.         

Main Features

  • Offers a reset button for when you are done paraphrasing
  • Allows you to add protected keywords
  • Allows you to keep or change the sentence structure
  • Can paraphrase 1500 words and several thousand characters simultaneously
  • The free-to-use tool with no signup or registration requirement

You can either copy/paste content or you can directly upload the entire file from the cloud or the device on this tool which saves a bunch of your time. This site allows you to remove content once you are done with the process which ensures better security.

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If you are looking for ways to write content that has high readability and low error count, Essay Rewriter is the tool that you need. This amazing tool makes error-free paraphrasing a child’s play for anyone.

We have picked this tool for its fast paraphrasing, accuracy, and an amazing user experience which is not something you get on most free tools.   

Main Features

  • Most effective for removing plagiarism
  • Can help you rewrite while keeping the main theme in mind
  • Allows you to copy paraphrased content directly for future use
  • The site has a fast-loading speed

There is no need to sign up for paraphrasing using this tool     

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the best paraphrasing tools that can help you with your business-related content. Most of these tools are rated high by most search engines and they offer the most accurate output.

Using these tools, you can perform error-free paraphrasing and make sure the content you create is free from any plagiarism whatsoever. These platforms are easy to use, and the best part is that they are fully secure.

So, use these above-mentioned paraphrasing tools whenever you need to rewrite more engaging and interesting content that contains minimum grammar and spelling mistakes.     

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