Why should you translate your blog?

A lot of companies that have a website regularly update their blogs. However, how many companies that use an international strategy for marketing choose to translate their blogs?

What are the primary advantages of translating a blog?

Translating your website into different languages is crucial however, what about your blog? The blog should be translated and here are a few good reasons for this:

  1. The traffic on your website will grow and so will your customers If you translate your blog post, you’ll draw the attention of online viewers and keep them on your site, since you are speaking to people in their native language.
  2. You’ll be able to get a higher position on Google Don’t be worried! Google does not consider the content as duplicate, and you can also boost your ranking in search engines when you modify the content.
  3. It will enhance your brand’s image: by translating content and ensuring that users get positive feedback about your service and will increase the value of your brand.

It is true that the translation of content makes your site more welcoming because internet users prefer browsing in their native preferred language. The translation of your website can boost the traffic to your site by as much as 150%..

When deciding to translate the various aspects should be considered like the budget as well as the desired languages. It is recommended to translate the entire site into one language that is targeted and not translate a small portion of it into different languages. Another thing to be considered is the fact that the information might not be relevant or relevant in different markets. SEO must be thoroughly investigated, to understand which keywords are effective in every country.If you’re looking to learn how to conduct a thorough keyword research , we suggest this article, in which we will provide you with the most effective tools for searching for specific keywords.

Do you need to translate your blog with the plugin or solution?

As we have discussed in the earlier post that there are numerous alternatives to translate websites and the same goes for blogs. It is possible to translate the site by using plugins that work with our CMS, like, WPML for WordPress or QtranslateX for WooCommerce..

Another option to translate your blog with more professionalism easily, without the need to install plugins, is through the use of a translation agency. Enter the URL of your site and set your desired type of translation you require and then the translated version will be made available for immediate delivery. In addition, this platform has other features that other translation plugins don’t offer, like an invitation to famous translators to translate your blog or manage memory for translation to cut costs.

How about you? Which translation service do you prefer? If you own an online blog and want to translate it Why not get in touch with us. We’ll be glad to assist you in finding the most suitable solution to your requirements.

What else do you need to know?

  • Translators need to be able to adapt post titles to the language of the target since words that are appropriate in one language may not be relevant in another.
  • calls to action (CTA) Translating CTA will to increase the number of visits and clicks.
  • Links to your post: edit every link in your posts. The language used in the post should be identical to the language used on your pages from which the post redirects.
  • Images: images included in blog posts aren’t typically problematic for translation even if they do not contain text. The things to take into consideration, however, are the “alt” and “title” attributes, since this is pertinent information that can improve your SEO rank.
  • Tags: If tags were added to your initial version, they must be translated in order to provide users a better experience on your blog. If the users aren’t aware of the significance of tags we’re denying them the chance to allow them to continue browsing other blog posts.

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