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Traeger Error Codes and How to Fix Them

traeger error codes and how to fix them 8349
traeger error codes and how to fix them 8349

If you’ve noticed that your Traeger has started giving you a series of errors, you’ve probably been wondering what the problem is. Fortunately, the solutions to these problems are simple. First of all, you’ll want to check the Traeger’s control panel to see if a fuse has blown. If you see a black cylinder, the fuse is faulty. If it is, you can simply replace it with a new one. If not, however, you may have a much larger problem.

The most common Traeger error is the ER1 code. It signals a problem with the RTD (resistance-to-discharge). This is usually easily solved by reiniting the grill while keeping the lid closed. However, if you encounter this code again, you may need to contact Traeger customer service to get your grill fixed. Here’s what to do:

If the ER2 code is displayed on your Traeger grill, it means that the RTD probe has failed. This could be because of a malfunctioning controller or even a power cut. Either way, it’s important to get your grill checked by a Traeger technician. If you’re unsure about what the problem is, watch this video to find out how to fix it. You might need to replace a part.

A LEr code means that your Traeger has reached a high temperature. When the temperature on your Traeger grill reaches 550 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 45 seconds, it stops the auger motor. This means that pellets can’t be delivered to the firepot. If you want to cook a steak the way it should be, you should know what to do. You can try turning off the Traeger until it works again.

Another possible reason why the ER2 code shows up on your Traeger is due to a temperature probe malfunction. A new temperature probe can be purchased on Amazon. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you should contact Traeger customer service for further assistance. ER2 codes can also appear on Traeger WiFIRE-enabled models. The WiFIRE technology sends alerts to paired devices, like phones or watches. If the temperature is too low, this means that the flame has gone out in the firepot, and you’ll need to restart the grill.

If you’re still experiencing the same error codes on your Traeger pellet grill, you should take a more systematic approach to troubleshooting. Then you can determine the exact problem by identifying the component that’s causing the issue. A blown fuse or power cable could also be the issue. If that’s the case, you should consider getting an expert to help you. In the meantime, you can follow the steps above to make sure your grill is safe to use.

When you get these error codes, it means that your grill has a problem with the temperature range. While pellet grill manufacturers may give an average range for a specific temperature, it’s very common for the temperature to drift out of this range over a three-hour cook. However, Traeger’s temperature ranges are calculated based on ideal conditions. In case your grill doesn’t fit within this range, you should contact Traeger customer support for assistance.

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