What is IT Staff Augmentation?

Now more and more companies are using IT Staff Augmentation in their work. This is a very popular practice with many benefits. To learn more about this outsourcing strategy, keep reading this article.

Why do many companies choose this strategy?

Why do you waste time, money, and effort when you can apply IT Staff Augmentation? This way, your company will get exactly the developer your team needs without any hassle.

The increase in staff occurs by hiring a software company that will be responsible for finding the specialist you need. This can save you time and money in the selection, recruitment, and training through a rigorous process that examines your company’s specific needs.

This business model works as a backup for critical times when additional support is needed, offering you the skills you need for every software project.

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How does IT outsourcing work?

To select the ideal business model, you should answer the following questions:

  • Define goals: does your company need one person or a whole team? What requirements must your candidates meet?
  • How long you need maintenance: IT staff will come in to speed up a critical development period or join your team from the start. Thus, you will be able to manage your budget more effectively, having control over resources and their quality. In addition, it will allow you not only to hire a developer but also to include a QA team that will improve your work more completely and efficiently, allowing you to achieve better solutions.
  • Hours or Availability Required: Will work as a sub-extension of your work team after they have completed their second shift, or conversely, they will organically join your team.

Benefits of Increasing IT Staff

Lower development costs: You will hire only the person or team you need for a certain period, using their experience and skills, without worrying about training issues or social guarantees.

Engineers typically cost between $80 and $200 an hour. This seems reasonable, but compared to Latin American contractors, this will typically cost you between $40 and $80, which is almost double or even less than the market price in the United States.

Fast and efficient recruitment: saving time on selection, interviews, and training.

By contacting the right company, you can consider a large database of talented, highly qualified professionals who can easily adapt to your team, specializing in achieving the best result most effectively.

Reducing operating costs: You will hire only the person or team you need for a certain period, using their experience and skills, without worrying about training issues or social guarantees.

Quality Assurance: With dedicated IT staff, you ensure a high level of quality without worrying about wasted time on changes and failures.

More production and team size: With an increase in staff, you will get more developers at a price well below the market, making it easier for you to hire more people.

Flexibility: This will give you more flexibility and power, as while your team is sleeping, your additional staff will be able to solve urgent technical problems without compromising their effectiveness.

Faster Development: This results in increased competitiveness in the marketplace through the faster launch of your products, faster time to market, and a shorter-term return on your investment.

Meeting deadlines: Hiring a development team at critical times that can easily adapt to your team will avoid unnecessary delays in the project.

Project Management: Having a project manager can make it easier to manage the allocated resources and deadlines in your projects, while at the same time allowing you to focus on completing a software project efficiently and flexibly.

Therefore, if you want to make the project implementation process more successful, we recommend that you contact https://relevant.software/ specialists for IT Staff Augmentation.

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