What is the Hardest AP Exam?

The answer to the question “what is the hardest AP exam” depends on a number of factors. The hardest AP test is often a popular choice among students, but not for the right reasons. For instance, the highest pass rate is AP Chinese, despite its low pass rate. Another hard AP exam is AP Biology, which has a 60% pass rate, despite its notoriously high requirements.

The percentage of students who pass the AP exam depends on several factors. Pass rates, for example, tell us how many students passed with a three or a five. However, the percentage of students who received the top score of five indicates whether the class is difficult or not. Additionally, the difficulty of the course depends on the teacher and the academic strength of the student. Here are some of the factors to consider when determining which AP class is the hardest for your child:

AP English Literature: Students must read more difficult texts. Crime and Punishment, for example, is harder than a nonfiction article on the criminal justice system. In addition, AP Physics C requires students to have a solid understanding of calculus. Physics 1 and 2 are both algebra-based, whereas Physics C is calculus-based, so students must know calculus well enough to apply the principles. In addition, some students consider AP Physics C to be a double-class.

When comparing the AP exams, AP Chemistry and AP Environmental Science are the hardest, but this does not mean that students cannot pass if they prepare for the exam well. Students who are well-prepared for the exam will likely pass, but students who underestimate the difficulty of the course may end up failing. The exam contains two hours and forty minutes, a total of 80 MCQs, three free-response questions, and a few essay questions.

The easiest AP course to study independently is Environmental Science, while AP Physics C is the hardest. However, students who are not self-motivated and do not take classes that require study are not recommended for AP Biology. AP courses are not easy, but they are highly recommended for high school students. In the end, the hardest AP exam is not the most difficult one. In fact, many students do better in the classes they excel at and are passionate about.

AP World History is the third-hardest AP history exam. Despite the fact that this exam covers 800 years of history, it is largely centered on understanding historical concepts. Students must learn how to analyze and apply sources to support their interpretation of historical events. There are no shortcuts to success, but it is important to prepare for it and do your best. With enough preparation and practice, you can pass the exam with flying colors.

AP Chemistry is notoriously time-consuming. While it requires intensive study and regular tests, it’s not the hardest AP exam. AP Psychology, by contrast, is one of the easiest AP tests. Last year, 288 511 students took the AP Psychology exam. Although this class is the easiest, it’s still highly competitive. Most students pass it, but only 14.1% actually earn a grade. The question, “What is the hardest AP test?” is a personal choice, and the answer will depend on a variety of factors.

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