What’s a software house?

Software house is a company, which specializes specifically in building different types of software products, such as single license software or software in form of a service. The main focus of the software house is to prepare the mentioned software products, but the profile can vary depending on customer’s needs. In companies such as Cut2Code one can get different types of products – in this particular case – e-commerce solutions, which are currently needed, with all the advances features implemented in it.

The usual work cycle for software house is designing the software product, coding it and the last phase: testing. Each of them is important and the software product can’t work properly when any of them is being skipped. It also requires different kinds of knowledge in each part of the process, not only concerning the technical details, but also creativity and an eye to detail.

What’s done at software house?

The main job at software house is preparation of software needed by the customer, based on the house’s know-how, experience and professional knowledge. In other words, the software house can be hired with no need of creating the internal team of specialists, which – usually – is just more advantageous in the finance compartment. This is one of the best ideas for companies to get all the software product which are needed, especially if the job is only one time or periodical in best scenario.

Working in a software house requires flexibility, because while the company can focus on one type of customer (low-profile start ups or the bigger ones), the projects usually vary from one another and there are barely two similar cases. Some people compare the software houses to interactive agencies, but they aren’t alike. While in the first one the main focus of the whole work is on the technical details of providing a functioning software, the latter is more about marketing, creating a positive image and parts of SEM and SEO.

Is it for me?

Whether the software house is a good place to work in for you is a decision you need to make independently. If you think you are creative and hard-working person, who doesn’t shy from a little challenge, this might be a great place for you. It’s also good to remember, that software houses doesn’t look only for IT experts, but also many other types of workers, such as marketing specialists or graphic designers. If you feel you’d fit in the type of company which is a software house, just try and check whether you’re right. There’s nothing wrong with trying new things: in the best scenario, you’ll find your dream job. In the worst – you’ll know it’s not something you’d like to do permanently.

Picking a career path carefully is important when one wants to actually enjoy the job. Thus, it’s crucial to find out some things about each of the possibilities before making the final decision.

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