Why You Should Buy a Baby Sound Machine

While in the womb, a baby constantly hears the sounds of their mother’s body, her heartbeat, blood flow, and other sounds that they hear are remote. However, when born, a baby is assailed by the sounds of the outside world at full volume. So, it is completely understandable why a baby would find it difficult to settle and sleep with all of those noises, in addition to all of the other changes they are experiencing.

What a Baby Sound Machine Is

A baby sound machine is a device you can buy to go in the same room as your baby to help soothe them to sleep or to have on in the room to keep them settled while asleep. A baby sound machine can have a number of pre-programmed sounds, including white noise, heartbeat sounds, or sounds that emulate a mother’s blood flow. 

All of the sounds can be comforting for babies, and the background noise that a sound machine emits emulates noises your baby is comfortable with while canceling out the noises in your home. This combination has been proven to aid sleep for babies, sleep that is needed to aid their physical and cognitive development. 

Types of Baby Sound Machines

There are numerous types of baby sound machines available, some that play one type of sound and others that play several. You can purchase sound machines in different shapes and sizes, some inside of soft toys and others that have nightlights built in. 

The type that you purchase will depend on your personal preferences. You may choose one based on the theme of your nursery or based on a specific sound that you would like to play for your child. You may also choose the device you buy based on the brand name or a special offer that is available when you are shopping or setting up your nursery. 

A sound machine is not always needed before a baby is born, as not all babies need a sound machine to sleep. However, it is something that most parents will buy when decorating their nursery as they are a tried and tested way of helping the entire family get a better night’s sleep. 

You can also choose how the sound machine is activated, and you can purchase sound machines that have a simple on/off switch that you can activate whenever you need to. You can also purchase a sound machine that has an automatic shut-off timer included, this way, you will not need to return to the nursery to turn the sound machine off. 

Alternatively, you can choose a smart sound machine that is linked to an app on your smartphone or tablet. You can then control all of the actions for the sound machine, and you can change the sounds that are played in addition to switching it on and off. Many parents find this extremely helpful to be able to adjust the settings remotely rather than disturbing their baby by entering the room to adjust the settings. 

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