What is genomics and how is it helping us?

Genomics in simple terms can be defined as the study of a complete set of DNA including bringing light to the structure, mapping evolution, and function, and even editing various genomes. It is said that every single cell in the human body contains an entire copy of the genome. The study of biology and the medicinal field has been an ever-evolving sector that not only is important to be able to cure diseases but also to prevent their spread.

Study about genetics and especially genomes has been comparatively more recent than some of the practices that have been used for ages. It was widely introduced in the year 1977 by Frederick Sanger as he managed to develop a certain sequencing technique to be able to sequence the first complete genome and hence provided a guiding light to the studies as of today.

But how does genomics help us? what is the main point of genomics and what are the differences between genetics and genomes? In this article, we would be answering all such questions.

Difference between Genomics and Genetics?

So to rule out this simple question, we would be answering in very simple terms, genetics can be considered as the study of genetic or hereditary diseases such as down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, and various other diseases that have been causing due by genetics. While genomics refers to It studies the sequence of various complex studies which don’t generally have a cure for such as asthma, diabetes, and other various heart diseases. As in genomics, people study each genome to be able to figure out a cure or a path to the uncurable disease so that people can live normal lives.

Main reasons why Genomics are used?

Genomics is generally used to study each individual or group of microbes to be able to understand the sequencing of each element in the cell. This helps us not only adapt according to our understanding but also helps us understand the pattern. It has also been provided that it was influenced by the expression of many genes.

So in simpler words to define genomics is a way of testing various cells and genomes to identify for research purposes to find a cure for a disease or diagnose a person for the disease they might have been potentially having and is almost the main purpose of it to be declared as a clinically diagnosing test.

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How does Genomics help us?

There are various things to how genomics has been helping us for years now. Some of the common reasons have been listed below:

  • DNA Sequencing: As we cut through various layers of discovery in genomics it has been proven to be very cost-effective in terms of research as well as testing. Through the advanced ways of genome sequencing that have been achieved by humans, we have been able to cut down on the cost of it drastically.
  • Cancer Treating: The way we have been able to achieve positive results and improvements to change the way we have been able to treat it and research regarding it. Hence, enhancing our knowledge and being able to learn more about it.
  • Pharmacogenomics: Through the help of genomics being integrated with pharmaceuticals, it is easier to determine when and how a patient should be receiving their medications and also in what dosage it should be received to affect the body.
  • Aid for Forensics: Genomics has been able to aid forensic analyses, especially the ones that have been DNA-based crime analysis.
  • Evolution: Genomics have made it so much easier for us to be able to understand the natural world and how things have been evolving through various genomics tests and hence, it does give us a great idea of how things would have been in the past.

Types of Genomic Testing

Mainly there are just 4 types of genomic testing that are pretty commonly used.

  • Diagnostic testing
  • Clinical Predictive testing
  • Pharmacogenomic testing
  • Tumour testing


With this, we wrap tup he marvelous study about genomics and how it’s used for the various purposes it provides on a day-to-day basis as well as on such an intermediate level. When we read about this kind of stuff, it takes us a moment to realize that we as humans have evolved into so much and have discovered so many things. Genomics as with every other medical field is still full of more potential and yet to be discovered with so many more solutions to the various problems that are being faced today. Hope this article helped out.