Why do people choose Freelancing over 9-5 jobs?

In recent years, Freelancing has introduced people to a great option to be able to earn with fewer resources and with their skills. It has given the traditional mindset of being able to perceive everything and learn various things to be at a place where you can feel successful a blow on the head as it typically continues to make people have their skill sets and whatever they are interested in shine through. However, not everything about freelancing is a Utopia, as one might believe, everything is a double-edged sword and so is freelancing.

People have been shying away from 9-5 jobs in recent times, especially after the pandemic has jump-started the idea of WFH (work from home) for some, it might be efficient to work from home, for others, it might be not. And the work-from-home concept was the one to boost freelancing.

The concept of 9-5 as well as freelancing are great and most prominently essential for anyone in the starting sectors of their career. And as the entire debate can be quite diplomatic let’s get straight to the points as to why people choose to freelance over 9-5, and why some of us should be very careful as to taking such a huge risk factor.

So what is the reason? And how to counter?

9-5 jobs technically do add on to a lot of workloads which in turn creates a very stressful environment when one is supposed to be working. Constant deadlines, presentations, meetings, and various other factors create a non-fun environment as most of the employees would have little to leniency.

Freelancing does have its benefits in this domain where you do have a certain deadline to meet up with the project, however, it doesn’t matter what hour of the day you decide to work as long as the work has been done as per the requirement. And as much as it should be discouraged, making employees work overtime to constantly make slightly more income which can lead to an entire spiral as humans, we are driven by capital and would be tempted. Hence, the concept of 9-5 is being something people shy upon from.

It can be countered with proper scheduling to maintain efficiency at its finest with concentrating panels to avoid time waste but also can be balanced out by giving frequent short breaks so people can socialize as well to refresh themselves. The concept of overtime needs to be discouraged so that people can have a social life outside their work environment and any contacts after office hours need to be cut down without any consequences unless it’s a matter of urgency. Such small yet big changes can change people’s mindset regarding 9-5 jobs.

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Why is Freelancing a double-edged sword?

As much as it’s glorified, it has its cons and quite probably very obvious ones. 9-5 jobs do provide a sense of stability, while freelancing is just you working with an organization for a certain amount of projects and they are not obligated to keep you any longer unless you perform exceptionally great and they might just hire you.

But those are rare cases and getting jobs or projects while freelancing is indeed very tough unless you managed to make some contacts and can directly navigate through the crowd and give yourself an express pass. It has no sense of stability whatsoever, and while we discuss this of course, neither does 9-5 technically if you look at various aspects as to why one might be not able to perform on the job.

While freelancing is great and doesn’t make you work for hours on end it can however be very deceiving. If the above suggestions are to be taken by organizations (which many of them are) and very well more than just the ones observed above depending on the organization themselves, 9-5 can prove to be better than freelancing as it has stability in more than one aspect.


Hope this article made you understand why the trend of freelancing has been taking off, and as much as it was sort of degraded here, freelancing for people who have the skillsets and requirements can excel in it very well and form a career or can save up enough to even start their own companies. Freelancing especially has been very gracious to people in the IT sector or programmers/developers. Any person who has been associated with computerized knowledge has great advantages while freelancing. Let us know what you think about this and hope this article was informational.