House Mannat – A Fusion of Vintage and Contemporary Design

House Mannat is a fusion of vintage and contemporary design. It was designed by architect-designer Gauri Gandhi. It took almost a decade to complete. The architecture consists of a series of floors with different concept for each level. The result is a stunning building that blends vintage and modern decor seamlessly. Here are some of the highlights of the mansion:

The nameplate on the house has changed several times. The current nameplate reads, ‘Mannat Land’s End.’ SRK fans have been posting photos of the nameplate for years. Despite its glam, the nameplate has changed four times! Earlier, it said ‘Mannat’ in English and ‘Mannat’ in Hindi. The new nameplate reads ‘Mannat Land’s End’.

Shahrukh Khan’s walk-in closet is a statement of style. It features a huge dressing table with carved borders and a chandelier above. The space is also lined with open-framed shelves and drawers. The mannat has been beautifully decorated to suit the needs of the couple. In addition to Gauri Khan’s wardrobe, the two inherited Shahrukh Khan’s office in the same building. In fact, it features a vintage style dressing table with an artistic mirror.

The interior of the house is equally impressive. It features neo-classical elements, Italian furnishings, and art from around the world. The living room features a wooden staircase to the upper floors and an elegant 12-seater table. The house also has multiple bathrooms, a playroom for Shahrukh Khan’s children, and amazing potted ferns. If you’re looking for a luxurious vacation spot in the heart of Mumbai, this is the home for you.

SRK bought Villa Vienna in 2001 and renamed it Mannat in 2005. Initially named Villa Vienna, the name was changed to Janat after he had achieved the height of his career. Some of SRK’s prized possessions can be found inside the mansion, including a life-size marble Radha-Krishna sculpture, a life-sized clown statue, four-foot black vases from Paris, and a jade Ganapati.

SRK has a special room just for him. Inside the house, he has a walk-in closet for his designer shoes. SRK is famous for his style, and this dressing room showcases the elegant ways of the actor. Lighting fixtures in the makeup room are placed vertically for portrait display. During the day, the couple can rest in the comfy armchairs of their dressing room. While SRK and Sonia Kapoor have a home theatre, it is still worth visiting his place if you have a chance.

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