How to Find Reliable VPS Server Hosting Provider in Europe

The Internet is firmly a part of everyday life for millions of people around the world. It is enough to compare the number of active users of websites, applications, social networks with their number a few years ago to understand the scale and prevalence of the World Wide Web. Along with this has grown the competition among websites. Each of them wants to attract to their pages as many visitors as possible. And one of the factors of stable traffic is the efficient and reliable operation of the server. That is why it is so important to carefully choose a hosting provider. 

What characteristics must be taken into account before signing a virtual private server lease agreement with a hosting provider? Let’s have a look at this it in the article. Let’s also talk about the advantages of VPS over shared hosting.  Already in 5-6 minutes, which is how long it will take you to read the guide, you will know what the best service provider should be. 

Choosing a reliable VPS in Europe

A virtual private server is part of one large and powerful physical server, which is divided into small “spaces”. Each such piece of hardware is rented out. And the peculiarity of VPS lies in the ability to function independently of “neighbors” in its own server environment. In addition to independence from other sites, which also rent a certain amount of disk space, the tenant also receives a certain freedom. And with it, the task of web administration falls on the shoulders of the site owner. 

So, a virtual private server is an excellent solution for those who strive for reliable and stable website operation, security and flexibility of settings. On these parameters depends correctness of the display of all information and the speed of response of pages. 

There are several reliable hosting service providers in Europe. One of them can be found here. The average VPS rental price per month ranges from $7-15. It depends on the plan and service, which is included in a particular package. But now moving directly to the characteristics of a good hoster. 

Another superb VPS provider is a2hosting, so if you are intrigued to find out more, read some of the a2hosting reviews.

How do you know that you are facing a reliable VPS hosting provider?

It’s not hard to know if you’re looking at a provider’s offer that deserves attention. It’s enough to go through a little “checklist:


uptime is one of the important parameters of a reliable VPS. After all, if the site ceases to be accessible to users and search robots, it quickly loses credibility. It ceases to be shown in search results. How to understand what uptime is needed? It’s very simple – it’s the usual arithmetic. If the provider offers a hosting serviceability rate of 99%, it means that every month the server will idle, and the site will remain unavailable for about seven hours. That’s a lot. 

The longer the uptime, the lower the risk of the site going down. That is, this indicator is vital for search engine rankings. Give preference to a VPS service provider that guarantees uptime between 99.8-99.9%. 


VPS hosting requires administration. This can be a problem for companies that do not have specialists on staff. Therefore, a reliable provider offers two types of tariff plans – with and without management. That is, the tenant can choose the best option for themselves.

A managed virtual private server is well suited for tenants who intend to build, periodically upgrade and steadily expand their site. All maintenance responsibility remains with the provider. And the owner of the site remains focused on the development of e-business. If the site is stable and its expansion is not planned, you can choose a rate without management. In this case, special difficulties with administration should not arise.   

Server speed

Server speed is not the same as page speed. It indicates how long it takes the server to respond to a user’s request. Response speed is an important factor in a page’s search engine ranking. If the page load speed is easy to improve by optimizing the website, the tenant can not change the speed of the server. It depends on the basic parameters of VPS, that’s why it is so important to be careful at the beginning. 


In case the physical server breaks down or is taken away, it will not be difficult to restore the site if the provider offers tenants a backup function. When choosing a hoster, clarify:

  • How often are backups performed?
  • How long are the backups kept? 
  • Can you restore the databases and how long will it take? 
  • Is copying done automatically or manually?
  • Can I do backups on an individual schedule? 

A good provider will answer each of these questions positively. 


Providers offer several plans at once – from the economy option to the premium package. Before investing in a VPS, study each option carefully. You need to understand what options you are willing to pay for and what features would be unnecessary. 

Remember, the cheapest option is not always the best solution. A low price should alert you to whether cost-cutting will result in a lower quality of service.

Safety precautions

A big plus of VPS compared to shared hosting is increased security. But there are differences between hosters. Check with the provider what measures they take to exclude hacker attacks and the safety of tenants’ data. Remember, insufficient protection of information will lead to financial expenses and loss of reputation by the company. 

Technical support

You can’t do without it. If you do not want to wait for several hours to solve even a trivial problem related to the work of the virtual private server, choose a provider with around-the-clock support service. Do not blindly trust the assurances of the hoster. Contact the technical support a few times yourself to make sure of the speed of response. 

Additional options

Server owners offering them for rent, striving to succeed in the core market, offer additional options as a bonus. These may be software packages, a free test period, cost reduction features, and other preferences. Think about whether you need them. And it is important that such benefits are not the deciding factor in your choice. After all, attractive additional options can hide a low level of basic service.  


Choosing a reliable hosting service provider is not that difficult. It is enough to be attentive and carefully weigh all the pros and cons before concluding a contract. Haste and an incomplete approach can lead to serious consequences in the future – a weak set of services, which will not be enough for the effective operation of the site.

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