How to Set an Armitron Pro Sport Watch

If you want to change the time on your Armitron Pro Sport Watch, you’ll need to know how to do it. There are four basic buttons that you’ll need to find. These include the Time Telling Mode, Alarm, Hourly Chime, and Backlight. If you’re unsure how to do these, read on for a guide that will walk you through the process. These are the most important settings you’ll need to change, so you can change them all to your preferences.

Time Telling Mode

One of the features that makes this timepiece so versatile is its ability to switch from 12 to 24 hour clocks. This mode allows the user to choose which clocks to display, but you should avoid using the timepiece’s light too much, as it will shorten the battery life. The time is displayed in seconds, but it is also possible to set the watch to show the day of the week, the month, and the day of the year. The ‘B’ button will cycle through the different modes.

If you want to switch between time telling modes on this Armitron Pro Sport watch, you will find it helpful to set the alarms to chime every hour. There is also a convenient timer function that keeps the date and sets alarms. If you are a fan of Irish football, you may want to set the watch to chime every hour when a big game is on TV.

You can also change the format of the time on the Armitron Pro Sport watch by pressing the “Reset” or “ST/STP” buttons on the watch. You can also choose to display the time in AM/PM, or set the watch to show the time in a different time zone. To set the time in multiple time zones, you simply repeat these steps. The time will show up as you need it to on the watch.

The Armitron Pro Sport watch also has a manual available. You can look it up by model number to learn more about the watch’s Time Telling Mode. The Hourly Chime symbol indicates that the Hourly Chime is activated and will sound every hour. When you are using the Alarm, you can also press the ‘A’ button to turn off the alarm. You can also deactivate the alarm and choose different sounds to hear.


To set the alarm, you must first press the mode button on the top left of the watch. You may find this button in the watch’s user guide or manual. Then, hold the alarm button until you see the desired hour and minutes flashing on the display. You can also toggle the alarm settings by pressing and holding the ‘Start/Stop’ button. Press and hold this button until the time flashes, then release the button to set the alarm.

To set the time, press and hold the Mode button on your Armitron Pro Sport watch. Once you have set the alarm time, you can choose which time zone you want. To set the alarm time in different time zones, press and hold the ‘Alarm’ button. Press “ST / STP’ to change the time zone and choose your preferred time zone. When you’re done, press and hold the ‘Mode’ button to save the time setting.

You can also set the time by pressing the ‘Mode’ button. This will enable you to select the twelve or 24-hour clock and also change the calendar settings to European or American. You can also use the ‘Date’ button to change the date or month. Lastly, you can press ‘A’ to end the sequence and go back to the Time Telling Mode. If you want to adjust the time, you can also use the buttons on the watch.

The Armitron Pro Sport Watch has a built-in alarm function and a chime to keep track of the hour. The chime feature beeps continuously until you turn it off. The alarm will also flash the numbers on the screen. The date button, on the other hand, will change once per hour. If you want to set the time manually, hold the “Reset” button until you hear a beep.

Hourly Chime

If you are looking for the Hourly Chime on Armitron Pro Sport watch, you have come to the right place! Here you will find a step-by-step guide to setting the Hourly Chime on this watch. You can set the alarm for your daily schedule and set the chime to play at certain times. There are several modes of telling time on this watch, including the Alarm mode and the Time Telling Mode.

The Armitron All-Sport watch has a chiming alarm and hourly chime function. The alarm feature beeps continuously until you turn it off. The hourly chime feature beeps once per hour. To turn the hourly chime on your Armitron Pro Sport watch, simply press and hold the alarm button for about one minute. Once the chime is set, the watch will display a clock icon or a house symbol.

You can also set the time of the Armitron Pro Sport watch. To do this, press the ‘A’ or ‘C’ buttons on the watch. You can adjust the time display from AM to PM, and from one time zone to another. To change the time zone, simply repeat the same steps. If you don’t want the Hourly Chime to chime every hour, you can use the “A” or ‘C” button to switch it off. This way, you can view the time of the hour in your favorite time zone.

The Armitron Pro Sport has a built-in alarm and minutes function. You can choose to set the time by pressing the Alarm button or pressing the Adjust button. Once you’re done, you can adjust the time to your preference. When you’re traveling, you’ll want to change the time to reflect the current time zone. Press the ‘Reset’ button until you hear a beep.


The Armitron Pro Sport is a digital sports watch with a perforated silicone band and unique digital display. Shipping restrictions include Hawaii, Alaska and P.O. boxes. Military APO/FPO addresses cannot ship this watch. To learn more, please visit the manufacturer’s website. The manual for this watch is located in the user manual section. This manual also provides information on how to set the backlight on your watch.

Your Armitron Pro Sport has a 24-hour and 12-hour clock. To change these settings, simply press the buttons labeled ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘D’. Press the ‘B’ button to return to the Time Telling Mode. You can also press the ‘C’ button to deactivate the selected Alarm or Hourly Chime. You can also set the Backlight of your watch manually by pressing ‘C’ once.

There are numerous options when setting backlight on Armitron watches. There are many retail locations that sell them. Unfortunately, Armitron watches are not very aesthetically pleasing. They resemble G-Shocks in many ways. They’re overdone and too flashy for most guys. Not everyone wants a Swarovski crystal watch. However, you’ll find an Armitron Pro Sport watch at your favorite store.

Armitron watches aren’t known for being attractive or innovative, but they serve a purpose. While these are not the most visually appealing watches, they are an exceptional value for the money. They’re easy to use and offer several features that you might find useful. And, they’re cheap, too! That’s why many people choose them. There are so many different Armitron Pro Sport watches to choose from.


The Armitron Pro Sport Watch is designed to keep track of your workouts, split times, and goals. Whenever daylight saving time is changing, or when you’re traveling between time zones, you’ll need to set your watch’s battery. To set the time, simply press and hold the “Reset” button on the watch until you hear a beep. Then, press the “C” button to reset the watch to zero seconds, and the “B” button to advance the settings to hours.

To reset the time on your Armitron watch, press and hold the “Reset” or “ST/STP” button. You can also choose whether you want the time to be displayed in AM or PM, or in a different time zone. All you need to do is follow the steps above. If you wish to use different time zones, you can press and hold the “ST/STP” button for two minutes to set the time correctly.

If you have the correct battery for your watch, you can easily reset the watch. Simply press the ‘A’ button in any node to turn the backlight on. The backlight will stay on for about two or three seconds. After the timer is finished, simply press and hold the ‘C’ button to set the timer alarms once again. This step is essential if you want to prolong the life of your watch’s battery.

To change the battery in your Armitron watch, you will first need to remove the case of the watch. You can then remove the battery from the case by unscrewing the watch’s straps and crown. The new battery should be the same kind or a similar size. If you have trouble with the watch’s battery, you should contact a qualified technician. Otherwise, you can also take it to your local jeweler for replacement.

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