How to Tame an Argentavis in ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved has a new animal to add to the mix: the Argentavis. This unique fish is descended from the Alpha Mosasaurs, Megalodons, Leedsichthys, and Saber Tooth Salmon. If you’re looking to tame the creature, then read on. Here are some tips to get you started.

ARK: Survival Evolved’s Argentavis

Argentavis is a huge bird creature that is capable of carrying more than a Pteranodon. Its high stamina, large talons, and high health make it an ideal mount for surviving aerial combat. In ARK, you can also use it to transport your tribemates and tames. Then you can use it to attack enemies or carry other tames for later use.

Argentavis are among the best creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved. They can perform nearly every task in the game, from harassing other players to battling Rex. While their speed is not as fast as a pteranodon, their stamina and ability to use tools make them a valuable creature. Argentavis are extremely useful after level 62, when they are considered jacks of all trades.

Unlike other creatures in ARK:SE, Argentavis are easy to tame. If you can find one, you can ride it and use it as a flying workbench. They prefer mountainous regions and can be found in large numbers on the Floating Island. A mobile workbench is attached to its saddle. This can also be used for crafting.

When you’re trying to tame an Argentavis, make sure you use Narcoberries. They’ll love the taste of meat, so if you find a tamed Argentavis, it’s a good idea to get some of their favorite food sources. This will also boost their level. You can also use Narcoberries to give them a boost and make them more docile.

Tamed Argentavis can be very useful as a mount in ARK: Survival Evolved. Once tamed, it’s easy to upgrade its base with these upgrades. It’s easy to get these in Ark, and they are useful for transporting supplies. However, they are very fragile, so be careful with your choices.


Having an Argentavis pet can prove to be advantageous if you’re in a pinch. While these pets can sometimes be tricky to tame, they can also be quite cute, especially if they’re given food. One of the best ways to tame an Argentavis is to feed it with Narcoberries. Alternatively, you can shoot one through a stone doorframe with a sniper rifle.

To get an Argentavis as a pet, you must first obtain Raw Prime Meat. This food is obtained from corpses of larger creatures. This meat spoils quickly, so cook it quickly. You can also use an industrial grill or a campfire to cook it. Once cooked, it turns into Cooked Prime Meat. Using a Dinosaur Gateway is the easiest way to tame an Argentavis.

An Argentavis prefers warm temperatures and places with a volcanic climate. They spawn in a variety of locations, including the Wastelands and Extinction. Unlike some of their other predators, they are more tolerant of humans, so they’ll be easier to handle. You can also tame an Argentavis using the same method as with any other pet, but be sure to be careful and be patient. Once you’ve mastered the art of fighting them, you’ll be amazed at their tenacity and determination!

While an Argentavis might not be the fastest or most beautiful pet you can get, it can still be tamed. You’ll need eleven superior kibble to tame the highest level, and the process will take about twenty-five minutes to complete. It can also carry an ankylo and be the best metal gatherer in the game. While the Argentavis is not the fastest of flying pets, it’s still a great choice if you want a well-rounded pet with excellent speed and agility.


The Argentavis is a highly aggressive predator that can attack a living creature. This type of bird looks like a cross between a condor and eagle and can take down prey by sight and smell. Unlike these other types of birds, however, the Argentavis will only attack living creatures when it is convenient for it to do so. Because of this, the Argentavis’s taming ability is dependent on its food supply.

The traps of an argentavis can be made for a variety of different creatures. There are several variations of this trap, but the key is to experiment until you find the right combination. If you don’t feel confident building a trap, you can use gates instead of foundations. For a basic trap, you’ll need four stone gateways and two stone doorways. You can even set the trap before you start hunting.

The Argentavis’ regeneration process is triggered by food, which you must feed it before it can regenerate. Green particles will appear around its head during the regeneration process. It will continue to regenerate even if it is unconscious. If you’re successful in taming an Argentavis, you’ll be able to tame it in a matter of minutes. The traps of an Argentavis are the most powerful in the game.

In addition to its ability to carry smaller creatures, the Argentavis also has a strong beak. This ability makes it useful for picking up small creatures, especially Raptors. It can carry a small or medium size creature in its beak and attack them. Its large talons make it a great choice to transport members of a tribe. Unlike other flyers, however, the Argentavis has good stamina and can be used for a long time.


When playing the game, you may wonder how to tame an Argentavis. The main difference between taming a rabbit and taming an Argentavis is that rabbits can only be tamed when fed Narcoberries. Argentavis, however, can be tamed by feeding them with anesthetics and Narcoberries.

First of all, you must know how to trap an Argentavis. To trap one, you must make a trap using four gates, two on each end. Make sure the spaces between the gateways are large enough to fit an Argentavis. Argentavis will dive into the trap and then run into the gap between the gates. Then, close the trap door quickly so that the Argentavis cannot escape.

While the Argentavis was originally on the Aberration, there are some other creatures on it that survived the change in habitat, which made it difficult for it to survive. Once you’ve tamed an Argentavis, you’ll need to be prepared for aggros – most creatures will try to attack you. When you tame an Argentavis, expect to face Dilophosaurs and other creatures that are aggressive.

The Argentavis has large talons that are designed to carry medium-sized and smaller creatures. It can also use its beak to pick up additional small creatures. While it doesn’t have the fastest flying speed, its stamina allows it to remain in battle for a longer period of time. In addition, its talons can carry up to two creatures. Argentavis can also be trained to attack other creatures.


You can breed an Argentavis by fertilizing an egg. You must keep the incubator at 12 to 13.5 degrees Celsius. When the egg is fertilized, the child hatches after three hours. A juvenile Argentavis needs five to six hours of attention a day. It will mature in two days. You can then start caring for your argentavis. Breeding an Argentavis will give you many joys!

You can breed an Argentavis with a male or a female specimen. When breeding, construct an enclosure large enough for the two specimens to wander. Set the pairing mode to “Pair” or “Wander” mode. If the argentavis wanders and does not find its partner, it will not breed. Always keep one or more participants near the cage. Set a breeding interval for your males.

The Argentavis is an aggressive predator and scavenger. It is found in great numbers on the Floating Island. However, it does well in mountainous regions, too. It is important to remember that Argentavis are not pets; they are wild birds and must be kept separately. Breeding these birds is a difficult process that will require careful planning and patience. However, with the right care, you will have a pet that’s sure to be happy!

One of the key benefits of breeding an Argentavis is its large talons. They can pick up small and medium sized creatures with them and add more to their load with their beak. Although they do not fly fast, they have strong stamina, which means they can fly long distances and eat a variety of corpses. You can even use their beaks as shields and weapons.

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