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Global Smart Hands Support – This is a kind of fast recovery service that can affect losing a couple of bucks and losing a ton of cash for an organization of that size.

Because of the efficiency and effectiveness of the Smart Hands Support program, we believe the client will remain with us longer. This is a better program to apply to field services projects.

Global Smart Hands Support by FE Field Services:

The Smart Hands project unites specialists in data, communications technology, and subjects to assist with handling field service experts get familiar with about break/fix and service of more than 300 product lines.

Regardless of the vendor, the technology sometimes fails. However, when clients depend on that technology to keep their business running, sales reps need to fix that technology quickly, and that implies having field specialists with the right information readily available. Field Engineer Global is resolving that issue with a blend of data, communications technology, and subject matter experts (SMEs).

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The worldwide field services organization has more than 60,000 engineers, experts in – printers, laptops, desktops, and more. Even though its field experts who work in around 195 nations and districts, are trained in every one of them, it’s anything but possible to maintain that volume of data, particularly at the level of depth and breadth expected to tackle and break/fix/repair issues on-site.

We have field professionals who are certified in A +, NET +, and Security +, but since they work on a wide variety of technologies, it is difficult to expect that they should do everything pretty much every one of the technologies we serve in memory.

We assess the work by performance indicators like First Fixed Speed ​​(FTFR) and Average Repair Time (MTTR). Further improving these measures is a vital direction of the organization’s multi-year digital transformation, featuring the strengthening of digital jobs.

With that in mind, the organization has introduced Smart Hands, a task that consolidates cloud host knowledge data stores, SMEs, and voice-controlled devices into the fieldwork.

Smart Hands consolidates on a very basic level trained specialist in the field with the practical skill of remote Tier 3 support staff that is specific to the client.

“Smart Hands” gives field professionals access to our considerably more highly qualified remote experts who have extra resources available to them. There needs to be no technology that we can not support with this mix.

A focal element of this Global Smart Hands Field Services concept is the thing that our “combined reality.”

Combined reality puts the eyes, ears, and voice of a highly qualified remote field expert in the same room as a field specialist, allowing both to use their deep and varied knowledge in real-time case analysis. After the introduction of this technology, we found that we invested less time “Improved time to take care of issues and clients. Combined reality is quickly turning into a vital part of our field service delivery.”

A customer-centric approach is vital

Smart Hands offers a case study of how to use and expand on strategic resources that an organization already has – for this case a strong help desk and a truly knowledgeable team of field specialists.

It would have been practically difficult to train everybody in all spaces. So it was like working on both the field and remote teams and enabling them to cooperate to add a new department without adding to the headcount.

The approach also helped field specialists career development opportunities with job opportunities in different skills.

While Smart Hands fitted into the organization’s current digital transformation, the project got an additional lift for the current client base as well.

That showed not just the demand for this kind of service yet, in addition, the demand for this kind of service from the Field Engineer platform. That grabbed the eye of the C-Suite and empowered us to think beyond practical boundaries.

To order the needs, Smart Hands Support set up internal project teams that included chiefs from all business regions. The organization also coordinated round tables of field professionals to guarantee their voices were heard and client councils to guarantee that these present real-world results lead to positive results.

We truly wanted to hear from everybody involved because we needed to ensure that in the end – we had an approach that worked very well for everybody involved.

Indeed, the Customer Council assisted us with bettering the ‘perception gap’ we were worried about: clients stress that we know and trust FE when it comes to printers, laptops, and desktops, however, we believe they need to show that we were all that and more.

Extraordinary Support to the Fields (on-site)

The growth took our Global Smart Hands Support Services a few months. Now, we are ready with the Smart Hands Support project to take care of your business needs!

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