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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Error Code 721 – What Causes This Error and How to Fix It

star wars battlefront 2 error code 721 what causes this error and how to fix it 8357
star wars battlefront 2 error code 721 what causes this error and how to fix it 8357

If you’ve had an issue with battlefront 2, you’re not alone. Many people have encountered this error code. Here are some possible causes of this error and how to fix it. First, make sure that the EA servers are running properly. Next, make sure that your Internet connection is working properly. If all these steps fail, watch this video. Please note that this video is provided for general informational purposes only and does not constitute advice for a specific problem or solution.

The most common cause of Star Wars Battlefront 2 error code 721 is a problem with your server. If the problem is not server-related, you should try to fix your computer’s DNS and IP configuration. These issues can cause the game to disconnect from the server. Flush your DNS and renew your IP addresses to resolve this issue. If none of these steps help, you may need to run the following commands in administrator mode.

Another common cause is an increase in new players, which can lead to server instability and crashes. A few players have also reported receiving Error Messages 623 and 918 while playing. Fortunately, EA has fixed the latter problem, and this error message simply states that the game failed to connect to its EA servers. Error Code 721 generally refers to a problem with connectivity. You should check the EA website for more information on the problem.

If this hasn’t worked, try restarting your PC and router. If the problem persists, try switching to Google DNS. If all else fails, your internet connection may be the cause of the issue. If your PC’s Internet connection isn’t the problem, try resetting your DNS server. Sometimes this can resolve the problem. However, if you are experiencing an error code 721 on Battlefront 2, you may have to wait for EA to repair it.

Besides the above methods, another way to fix the error is by hard-resetting the console. To do this, press the power button on your console for seven seconds and wait for it to beep twice. Then you can try to connect to the same server, if the game server isn’t the issue. Lastly, power-cycling is another option. Unplugging your router can also resolve this problem.

First, try checking your internet connection. EA servers may be experiencing some server problems. You can also try checking the settings of your router’s NAT, UPnP, and NAT redirection. If all of these things are fine, then try reinstalling the game, as this might solve the problem. If all else fails, try a different internet connection. However, a stable connection is a prerequisite for playing online and connecting to the game server.

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