The Top 3 Audio Enhancing Tools You Need to Try in 2023

Are you a content creator looking for tools that would help you enhance your audio and videos? Do you want to improve the voice quality of your content to make it more effective and accurate? 

Well, congratulations! Your quest is over. 

In this article, we are discussing three audio enhancing tools that you can use to enhance the audio quality of your content. These tools will ensure that your audio is noise-free, audible, effective, and engaging; this will help you get more views and likes on your content. 

Let’s dig into our discussion without any further delay!

What are Audio Enhancing Tools?

Audio enhancing tools are specialized software that are used to improve the audio and voice quality of your content including lectures, videos, podcasts, interviews, conferences, new reports, etc. They quickly remove the noises from your audio or voice recording and enhance the speech sounds to make your content sound better. 

Some tools are powered with AI technology and they are able to enhance musical, instrumental, and lyrical sounds helping singers and musicians. 

Three Audio Enhancers that You Need to Try:

We have surfed the internet, tested a number of tools, and brought you these three top audio enhancers that will help you enhance your audio. Let’s discuss each of them below in detail:

  1. is the first tool in our list. It is a free online audio enhancer developed using advanced AI technology that allows it to distinguish between speech sounds and noises. It then effectively removes the noises and enhances the speech or musical sounds. 

Working of is a specialized audioenhancer that quickly turns your scrappy audio into professional and effective audio recordings that appeal to the audience and make them like your content. It is simple to use and the steps that one must follow are given below:

  1. Record the audio or video. 
  2. Open the 
  3. Upload the audio or video file that you want to enhance by clicking the “Add media” button and selecting media from your PC. 
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  1. Next, select the enhancement type, there are four options available:
  • Improve the quality – it improves the audio as a whole by removing noises and enhancing speech sounds. 
  • Reduce the background noises – it targets all noises in the audio and removes/reduces them to make audio hearable and comprehensible. 
  • Clean up the speech – sometimes speech sounds are not well articulated thus they are hard to comprehend but can also fix such audio and make sounds clear. 
  • Fix the loudness and levels – it is used to fix the frequency, pitch, loudness, sharpness, etc. to make audio professional and engaging. 
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  1. Select the content type to allow the tool to enhance audio/video accordingly. There are nine content options available, choose the one that is applicable to your recording. 
wapt image post 16
  1. Click on the “Enhance Media” button. The audio will be enhanced in a couple of minutes. 
wapt image post 17
  1. To download the audio, click on the three vertical dots menu and press the download button. It will be downloaded to your computer. 
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  1. Kapwing:

Kapwing is the second tool on our list. It is also an effective tool which is pretty simple to use. It has a simple user interface and just like, it is available online. It effectively improves the quality of our audio and makes them effective and attractive. However, it is not a free tool so, we put it in second place. 

Working of Kapwing:

It is very simple to use and users can enhance their audio in just three simple steps which are given below:

  1. Record your content. Open the and upload your media file. To upload your media, click on the “Add Media” button on the left side of the audio editor and choose the required media file from your computer. 
wapt image post 19
  1. Next, enhance your audio, you can either use AI enhancement options or fix the audio manually. For AI audio enhancement, use “AI Tools” in the right panel. The AI tools with automatically enhance the audio without human assistance. However, active user engagement is required for manual editing. 
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  1. Once the enhancement is done, you can download the output, share it with others, or export it to a specific location. 
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  1. AI Noise Reducer:

AI noise reducer is the last tool on our list. It is powered by AI technology that allows it to effectively remove noise from the audio and make it audible, professional, and effective. The AI noise reducer is available online for free and it is pretty easy to work with.

Working of AI Noise Reducer:

AI noise reducer is a professional noise remover that enhances speech sounds by removing noise from them. Follow the steps given below to use AI Noise Reducer:

  1. Record your audio or video normally. 
  2. Open the AI noise reducer. 
wapt image post 22
  1. Upload the media by clicking on the “upload” option in the dialogue box and then selecting media from the computer. 
wapt image post 23
  1. Select the noise reduction type from six available options:
  • Speech enhancemen
  • Denoise 
  • Wind noise 
  • Reverb noise 
  • Click noise 
  • Hiss noise 
wapt image post 24
  1. Click on the “Separate now” button to initiate the noise removal process. 
wapt image post 25
  1. The enhanced media will appear in a new dialogue box given below. 
wapt image post 26
  1. Click on the download button to download the enhanced media file onto your computer. 
wapt image post 27


In this highly mediated world, content creation has evolved a great deal. To be successful in the world of content creation, the creators are required to provide premium quality content that appeals to the audience and engages them. The need for good audio and high-quality graphics has increased due to competition and well-developed gadgets. The enhanced audio makes your content effective and engaging and appeals to the audience. However, noisy content makes your audience annoyed and makes them leave your content no matter how good and unique information is provided to them. So, in short, audio enhancers are great tools that improve the quality and effectiveness of your content and make it engaging and worth spending time on. 

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