What is VulkanRT (Runtime Libraries)?

Consider whether or not you should remove VulkanRT (Vulkan Runtime Libraries) from your computer. They claim that this programme was placed on their computers without their knowledge or consent. Because of this, customers are concerned that this programme could be spyware and hence cause issues with their PCs. As a result, we’re going to explain to you what Vulkan Runtime Libraries is, and whether or not it’s a threat to your machine.

What is VulkanRT stand for?

It’s essentially the graphics drivers that are installed automatically when we update our computer’s graphics drivers. Khronos Group developed this 3D graphics and computation API as part of the Vulkan standard.

Consider this programme a must-have if you want to keep your PC up to date with the latest graphics and video drivers. In the present day, display card makers like NVIDIA, Intel, or AMD are responsible for the installation of this software on our PCs.

You may have stumbled into the VulkanRT application folder when browsing your computer’s hard drive. Because of this, there is no need to be concerned about installing Vulkan Runtime Libraries on your PC because it is absolutely safe to do so. Adding this software to your computer will increase its graphics processing power.

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VulkunRT: Use and Goals

The Vulkan Runtime Libraries, often known as VulkanRT, seek to reduce the performance overhead and allow users direct control over the GPU if you’re curious about their practical use or significance on your machines.

It also aids in reducing CPU consumption on computers when performing high-performance activities, preventing the performance cores from reaching their maximum and shutting down the device. Now, some of you may believe it’s a waste of time and wish to get rid of this redundant file from your PC, but we’ve previously spoken about its value, so don’t do that.

Nvidia’s drivers include this package, thus you may not notice how or where it was installed. The VulkanRT is mostly used for playing graphics-intensive games, as well as for video editing and other tasks that need a graphics card.

Vulkan is a graphics standard like OpenGL or DirectX, whereas 3D Graphics API is referred to as a 3D Graphics API. VulkanRT is installed on our gaming PC, and its primary function is to improve 3D graphics performance.

VulkanRT Program: Where Can You Find It on Your Computer?

You may wish to check to see whether the programme is already installed on your computer. There are two ways in which you may verify its presence on your computer:

The Control Panel is a good place to start. See if you can find it in the Settings app.

Using the Control Panel:

  • You can use method 1 to determine whether or not this programme has been installed on your computer.
  • Go to the PC’s Control Panel.
  • To uninstall a programme, go to Programs and Features and select Uninstall a Program.
  • Find ‘Vulkan Runtime Libraries’ in the search results. This indicates that you have the application installed on your computer.

Look for the settings app:

Simply open the Settings app (Windows + x) on your Windows 11 machine to see if it has been installed successfully. Start by looking for ‘Vulkan Runtime Libraries’ in the list of installed apps by clicking on Apps and Features in the Windows 11 Setting app.

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VulkanRT: Is It Time to Remove It?

No, that’s the quick answer.

There’s a good chance that many of you are wondering what happens if you remove it. Keep in mind that you won’t realise that this application has been removed from your PC because it isn’t a fundamental Windows file. However, you should be aware that uninstalling the Vulkan Runtime Libraries, which are necessary for 3D gaming performance, maybe noticeable while doing so.

Because of this, it’s not a good idea to remove Vulkan RT if you’re playing any of the following games: Dota 2, Talos Principle, Star Citizen, CryEngine, or Unity, as well as Steam games.

Is VulkanRT a virus or a malware?

‘NO,’ is the right response to this question. It is not a virus or a malicious programme. Vulkan RT is a legal and safe software that is frequently installed on Windows computers (for example, it was previously installed on my Windows 10 PC operating system). Do not remove or uninstall Vulkan RunTime Libraries unless instructed to do so by the manufacturer (VulkanRT).

How to Re-install Vulkan Runtime Libraries after Uninstalling?

If you’re one of the people that deleted Vulkan Runtime Libraries because you thought it was a virus, you’ll be glad you did. Reinstalling Vulkan Runtime Libraries after they’ve been uninstalled might be tricky because the software isn’t sold individually.

Getting the Vulkan Runtime Libraries back up and running requires a fresh install of your graphics drivers, which must be done every time.

VulkanRT has advantages and benefits.

VulkanRT have several advantages and disadvantages. Let you know the benefits first.

  • In order to keep the CPU open for other tasks or idle in general, VulkanRT helps reduce CPU power usage through batching.
  • Graphics and compute kernels are managed in one place. As a result, the necessity for a separate compute API and a graphics API is eliminated.
  • In a similar way as OpenGL, it is compatible with a wide range of current operating systems.

Disadvantages of VulkanRT

  • When it comes to cross-platform graphics administration and maintenance, the Vulkan API is more complicated than OpenGL.
  • As a result, certain programmes do not support Vulkan API, resulting in reduced graphics performance in select applications on specific devices.


You should now have a complete understanding of this application’s features and functions, which is the goal of this article.

To be clear, this application is not malware and may remain on your computer unmodified. Vulkan Runtime Libraries can’t be downloaded individually once they’ve been removed, so keep in mind that some of your computer’s games may no longer work as well as they did before. To round out your thoughts on the Vulkan Runtime Libraries, please feel free to leave a comment below with any further questions or concerns.

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