5 Ways Automating Video Game Tests Can Be Beneficial

Video game testing is a process where teams of people play through a game, usually as part of a QA process. The goal is to find and fix bugs or other problems so the game can be released to the public in a quality state. 

Video game testing can be a time-consuming and tedious process. Companies can save valuable time and resources by automating some testing processes. 

What is Video Game Testing Automation?

Video game testing automation is a process that helps testers test video games more effectively. It can automate many of the tasks of video game testing, such as: 

  • Recording and tracking player behavior
  • Running tests several times to secure accuracy, and
  • Providing feedback to the testers.

In this process, a computer program is used to automatically test video games. Using scripts or programs that run automatically during the development of a game. Similarly, it can be done post-release to ensure that the game meets all required standards.

For a variety of reasons, automated testing is used by every company or software tester. The following are a few advantages of automated testing when developing video games: 

  • Increases Testing Accuracy and Game Quality
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Costs
  • Faster Feedback Cycle
  • Faster Delivery Speeds 

What Are the Games to Automate?

Test automation can improve gaming industry productivity, coverage, and quality. Even though it’s typical to automate tests later in development, game creators should start early and test throughout. 

The majority of the games may benefit from some automation, but just a few of them actually require it ultimately. Here are some of the games that need test automation:

  • First-Person Shooters: It’s for simulating a player continually shooting in a particular pattern. It also tests random paths through a level to discover clippings, damp places, or hidden walls. And most importantly, check the game’s GUI with each new release. 
  • Massively Multiplayer Games: It requires the automation of aspects with numerous repeated activities. It must be synchronized among multiple servers and clients at once, as well as the simulation of server load. 
  • Mobile Games: For this kind of game, the testing of the game screen appears, and button actions and panel selections need to be automated. 
  • Puzzle Games: When developing this kind of game, the developer needs to precisely evaluate things. It focuses on what would take place if the player made moves that the creator did not anticipate the player would make. 

5 Game Testing Automation Methods & Solutions

5 Game Testing Automation Methods & Solutions

Video game testing isn’t fundamentally different from app testing. However, there are slight differences. Developers use product engine-based utilities to execute tests. Their functionalities are typically insufficient for static analysis or low-level problem recognition. All these tools are popular with all levels of testers. 

1. Unity Automated Testing

As well as a video game engine for PC and mobile devices, Unity is also a sophisticated Development Kit. An unquestionable advantage of this approach is that it allows for seamless integration of third-party tools while also allowing you to build your own.

It is possible to write scenarios that simulate user interaction with the interface. It also has procedures that fire specific pieces of code when a particular condition is met. As a result of the tool’s specialization, Unity Automated Testing is employed on many of its own engine developments. 

2. Kimputing Testing Solution

Kimputing guidewire and game automation professionals assist gaming automation projects to reach new heights. Quality is infused into your guidewire project with the help of automated testing.

To enable CI/CD, you need to be able to write tests quickly that are both stable and smart enough to cover every case that can arise. Kimputing’s SDETs use Junit and Gunit for unit testing and AnkrPt CenterTest for end-to-end UI testing.

The Kimputing guidewire testing solution develops tests and provides continuous integration services. They teach and advise your team and continually monitor tests and QA processes. They take care of the challenge of developing while you focus on your competitive advantage. 

3. Unreal Engine Automation System

Many AAA projects, as well as more contemporary MMO worlds, have relied on the Unreal Engine. Scripts, models, libraries, and textures are all included with the DevKit. Those who are less experienced can participate, albeit with some restrictions.

UE’s system for game testing automation tools is very similar to other utilities in that respect. Graphics and scripts can be examined using the built-in Automator. In fact, tests can be run both in the background and in the game, improving the likelihood of spotting errors linked to rendering or gameplay. 

4. LumberYard and LY Test Tools

Powered by Amazon’s LumberYard technology, this gaming engine is a lot of fun. Because of its extensive features, AAA projects can be developed and tested in a native environment. It’s easy to verify the product for mistakes thanks to the built-in tools, which include a variety of utilities and editors.

In a virtual world, custom programs mimic the actions of real players. It also does background analysis and keeps logs conveniently and detailedly. It is helpful for QA teams working with LY engine projects.

Even while the Open 3D Engine is still under development, it may soon be able to partially replace its older brother. It’s been said in terms of built-in game testing automation capabilities. Using these programs and technologies to test video games at any production stage is possible.

In contrast to gaming engines, which often have limited tools, Selenium and Appium have many applications. They are employed in creating software, web applications, and games. 

5. Appium

This automation testing solution for mobile games has been utilized successfully in quality assurance testing for both apps and video games. Its toolkit enables users to deal with both code and graphic elements simultaneously.

It is used to test mobile applications built for iOS and Android in the gaming business. Like other utilities, Appium can test products by simulating user activities through user scenarios. 

Final Verdict

We can see that automating video game tests can be beneficial for both the tester and the video game developer. The tester can save time, while the developer can have more accurate information about their product. These automated tests can be valuable for both novice and experienced testers.

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