How to Troubleshoot Twilio Error Code 30006

If you have received Twilio error code 30006, you may want to investigate the issue further. There are several ways you can determine the exact cause of this error code. The first way to do this is to check your SMS logs. Make a note of at least 3 SMS SIDs tagged with Error 30006. After that, you can open a support request with Twilio.

If you use a trial account, you can only have one subaccount. If you use a full-featured account, you may have more than one subaccount. You are not allowed to exceed 1000 subaccounts. You may request that the limit be increased by contacting Twilio Support. Another way to troubleshoot Twilio error code 30006 is to check your SMS provider’s settings.

In some cases, you may encounter spammy URLs. If you don’t want your SMS to appear spammy, you can try using a specific URL shortener that supports Twilio. Afterward, if the problem persists, you can take the necessary steps to resolve it. If you’ve tried all the above solutions, but still have a problem, contact your Twilio support team and see if they can help.

You can also send a test message to your SMS provider to see if this works. If the message is delivered, it may have encountered a transient error that requires further investigation. Try sending a test SMS message via the API Explorer or REST API to see if it sends to the intended destination. If the problem persists, you may need to send a test message again. You can also try to send a test message via Twilio SMS.

Another reason why a message fails to arrive is due to invalid carrier. It may be the case that the destination handset is unreachable. The destination carrier filters out the message as it violates carrier guidelines. In such a case, the message is returned with an error message. A generic message is displayed in the error dialog box. This message will say: ‘Message delivery error’ or “Message rejected.”

Another reason you might get Twilio error code 30006 is because your landline voice number is not SMS enabled. You may have to manually verify the number to avoid this error. This process is known as HostedNumberOrder. If the error persists for at least a few days, you may want to create a new Hosted Number Order and go through the verification process again. To do this, you must make an API request with the HostedNumberSid and Account SID: Auth Token. Then, you must set VerificationType to phone call.

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