What are the Best Tricks on Google to Try

Here are some easy and useful tips to boost your search engine rankings. These tips include performing a Barrel Roll, Tilt/Askew, Zerg Rush, and Blink HTML. Just follow these tricks and you’ll be on your way to dominating Google. But be careful! Not all of them are effective! Try them out yourself and see for yourself. Then, share them with your friends and colleagues! We all know what a difference a few tricks make.

Do a Barrel Roll

You can do a barrel roll on Google by typing “do a barrel roll on google” into the search bar, then clicking enter. This action will cause your results to spin like a barrel, landing back in their original positions after one spin. This trick is not new; it’s been used on several platforms and in many different circumstances before Google came along. It was originally a technique used in airplane aerial combat during World War I, and was later included in the 1993 Super Nintendo video game Star Fox.

The barrel roll trick is only available for the search page, not the pages in the results. If you type “do a barrel roll on google,” the screen will spin in a 360-degree circle. You can also perform a barrel roll by typing “Z” or “R” twice. This trick was created by Google in HTML5 and doesn’t work in all browsers. However, Chrome and Firefox are known to support it, which is a big plus!


A hidden trick is available in Google: you can use the Tilt/Askew feature to alter the way web pages display results. The ‘askew’ modifier simply means that the page is tilted, rather than level. By using this technique, you will see a page that is tilted at an angle, stunnng first-time viewers of the search results. But it doesn’t end there. Tilting the web page is not the only special trick you can use to optimize your Google experience.

The “barrel roll” is another fun trick in which you can make Google tilt as you type. Just type in a search term or request, and then watch the page tilt! The page will start tilting to an unusual angle, and you’ll be surprised to see how much people are shocked at the results! There are many more fun tricks available in Google, and we’ve collected a few of them below.

Zerg Rush

If you’ve ever played Starcraft, you know about Zerg Rush. Once unbeatable, it’s been tamed, but it’s still a nail-biting experience. You’ll notice a lot of capital ‘O’ letters – these ‘obnoxious little bugs gobble up words and images. The branding is reminiscent of Opera’s. And you’ll notice an Easter egg on Google that’s related to the game.

If you’ve been looking for a fun way to spend a few minutes online, you might want to search for ‘Zerg Rush‘ in Google. Not only will this give you a taste of the game, but it’ll also record your APM, which is the average number of zerglings per minute. You can even destroy a search result to get a GG. The game is accessible for logged-in Google users and they can share their scores on Google+.

A Zerg rush is a strategy in Starcraft in which you swarm your opponents with low-level units in an attempt to overwhelm them. The game has become so popular, the term has a real meaning. The term originated in the 1998 real-time strategy game “Starcraft”. In the game, players could choose to play as the alien race, the ‘Zergs’, and this tactic spawned millions of low-level units. This strategy allowed players to overwhelm their opponents with sheer numbers, and it has since become an idiom.

Blink HTML

If you’ve ever been frustrated by a search result’s ability to not display the page you’re looking for, you might want to try one of Google’s Blink HTML tricks. This simple HTML tag makes search results blink when a user refines a query. The best way to use it? Just enter “blink” into the search box. The results will blink as if they are looking at something that’s hard to see.

The “Blink HTML trick” is an easy way to increase the ranking of a web page. It is an experiment Google is experimenting with, and is similar to Google’s Polls. You can embed a variety of polls on the same page. To do this, you just need to visit the Blinks tab and enter the required information. You’ll then be presented with the options you’ve chosen.

You’ll need to make sure your HTML document has all of the necessary tags. Firstly, you’ll need to create a marquee tag. This tag should be placed before the text, and after it. Ensure that the text is the correct width; otherwise, it will scroll instead of blink. You can also make the marquee tags appear before and after the text. By doing this, you’ll prevent the page from scrolling.

Party Like It’s 1998

Today is Google’s 15th birthday, and to celebrate, the search engine has posted an Easter egg that will transport you to the early nineties. Type “party like it’s 1998 on Google” into the search bar and the page will display with the original logo and Yahoo-esque exclamation point. Google also offers a fun quiz where you can find out what you were doing fifteen years ago. The answers will be posted on the company’s website for people to enter.

When Google first launched, it was called Google In 1998. Today, however, the search engine’s homepage displays only 234,000 results for “google.” The algorithm has increased its relevancy for more advanced searches, but it still has some quirky Easter eggs that are sure to keep the nerds happy. Among these are the answers to the ultimate question, “What are you doing right now?”, and an anagram, which returns “nerd fame again.”

Final Words

If you want to get the most out of Google, learn some of its tricks. This class is led by Google’s senior research scientist for search quality. In it, you’ll learn how to improve your search results and save time. The tips presented here have been compiled from Russell’s 14-year tenure with the company. Read on for some of his favorite Google tricks. You’ll be surprised at how easy they can be!

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