5 Streaming Services That You Can Use on Nintendo Switch

If you’re considering purchasing a Nintendo Switch, you might be wondering whether you’ll be able to use the popular gaming system as an entertainment centre at the same time. With a large range of streaming services accessible on most video game consoles these days, how different would the Nintendo Switch be?

The fact is that the Switch has extremely limited capabilities when it comes to streaming content. You won’t want to use this console as your only streaming setup, since it will be difficult to manage. However, we’ll tell you about the streaming services that can be utilised to watch shows and movies on the Nintendo Switch, as well as whether or not Nintendo has any plans to add more streaming services to the Nintendo Switch in the future.

1) Hulu


Hulu is the primary streaming service accessible on the Nintendo Switch. Watch a variety of episodes and movies on your gaming console by using this app. If you’ve always preferred Hulu over Netflix, you’re in luck since Hulu is now available on the Xbox One.

The Hulu app for the Switch is identical to the one on other consoles or devices, and it includes all of the shows and movies that are accessible on the other platforms. When watching Hulu on the Nintendo Switch, one advantage is that, due to the portable nature of the console, you can always undock it and take it with you so that you can watch Hulu on the move. Hulu can be downloaded for free via the Nintendo Switch eShop by selecting it from the home screen, but you’ll need to subscribe to the service to utilise it.

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2) YouTube


YouTube, another popular streaming service, is now accessible for free on the Switch. You may view any video on YouTube and keep up with your favourite YouTube channels and producers right from this page. The YouTube app for the Nintendo Switch is quite user-friendly, and it is, in fact, my favourite method of watching videos from the streaming site.

In the same way that Hulu can be downloaded for free, YouTube can be downloaded for free via the Nintendo eShop.

3) Twitch


Twitch is a popular live-streaming website among gamers who like watching producers play games or simply converse with one another in real-time. This programme has been made available for free download on Nintendo’s eShop, which means that anybody may make use of it. Once the application has been downloaded, you may connect to your Twitch account and follow along with your favourite live streams.

4) Funimation

The fact that Funimation has its streaming service that can be utilised on the Switch will be welcomed news for anime enthusiasts. There are numerous series and movies accessible for free, with advertisements, which is one of the best features of this app. However, you may also subscribe to the service to view all of the accessible material, remove advertisements, and take advantage of a variety of additional services.

You can get the streaming service for free from the Nintendo eShop and start watching your favourite anime series right away.

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5) Pokemon TV

Pokemon TV

Pokemon TV was designed by Nintendo as a platform for the broadcasting of Pokemon television show series, movies, and special limited series. If you’re a fan of the Pokemon franchise, you’ll want to download this programme from Nintendo’s eShop, which is available for no charge. You may also watch the stuff that is accessible on Pokemon TV for no cost whatsoever.

The Nintendo Switch does not have Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney Plus.

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that there aren’t many streaming services available for the Nintendo Switch. Even one of the most popular services, Netflix, is not accessible through the console. What is the reason behind this?

There were no streaming services accessible on the Switch when it was originally introduced in 2017, and there are now a number of them available. Since then, they have continuously expanded the system to include more features. Many of the biggest participants in the streaming industry, however, are still unable to be downloaded.

According to prior statements made by Nintendo, the firm intended to concentrate entirely on the gameplay component of the Nintendo Switch, allowing it to be one of the world-class video game systems for which the business is known. As a result, there will be many, many more Nintendo Switch titles available on the eShop than there will be streaming services.

Those hoping for an all-in-one Nintendo system, on the other hand, shouldn’t give up hope too quickly. According to previous announcements, the business is also working on integrating new streaming services, such as an Amazon Prime Video or Netflix app. Since they have begun to add streaming applications such as Hulu, however slowly, it is feasible that they may continue to add more as time goes on.

On the Switch, you may watch your favourite shows and movies.

It’s admirable of Nintendo to attempt to differentiate their platform from the all-in-one entertainment system that rival game consoles, such as the Xbox or Playstation, have evolved into in recent years. However, because most people these days place a high value on convenience in their gadgets, it was only a matter of time until Nintendo decided to integrate streaming services into the Switch.

Even though there aren’t many services accessible, you can still discover a plethora of shows, movies, videos, and live streams to watch on the Nintendo Switch.

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